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Back to School

Jords 5th Class Rob 3rd Year
Jords 5th Class
Rob 3rd Year

Every year we take a pic of the two heading off to school at the start of term.  I joked this morning at breakfast that we would be there when he starts college/ his new job.  Yes, I intend to be a persistent stalker in his life.  Both their lives.

Then we had the usual discussion on where they would live.  Herself wants to ultimately settle in Waterford, on a farm, with lots of horses and animals.  I suspect that settling in Waterford might have something to do with the proximity to grooms/ farm hands.  I hope that with her capabilities that she flies far and wide before settling close to home.

Robert, on the other hand plans, currently plans to live in Norway.  Not a fan of skiing but I’m sure I can be converted. But its a good base for orienteering, and I’d say that’s the plan.

I get a bit panicky when the kids go back.  A form of nesting.  I drive everyone mad ensuring the house is clean and all the odds and ends that have piled up over the summer have been re-distributed.  It was the turn of the shoes this weekend.  All were sorted and tried on. Below is the resulting “good” shoes for giving away.

Too small Shoes

We tweeted and FB the pic, and a good friend is going to take them into a nun in her school for good homes.  What I can’t believe is how quickly their feet grow!

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